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Markus Wach hand prints

How traditional handicraft can give rise to innovative design

Since 1992, Markus Wach has been using his skill and his attention to detail to design the finest hand-printed fabrics, turning each piece into something truly unique.

Sekyra 1273 1280 50p thumb Sekyra 399 Environmental awarenessWe care about the health of our customers – and of our planet. We only use high-quality raw materials that are guaranteed to be free of harmful substances and that meet the international “Oeko-Tex Standard”. thumb Sekyra 1431 Natural textilesWhether silk, wool, linen, or cashmere: any fabric made from natural fibres is suitable for hand printing. We can’t print on artificial fibres, because the colour doesn’t stick to the smooth surface.

Why choose an original hand block print rather than a machine-made print?

Nothing can replace the human touch. No machines have to be switched on at our factory. Even a single cloth can be produced completely individually. Each hand-printed piece of material is a unique specimen.

Take a look at a real hand print and you’ll see that handmade goods are the luxury product of a truly special piece of work, worlds away from cheaply mass-produced items. In each article you can see the skill and passion that’s gone into it, and appreciate the unique value this brings. It’s wonderful to see just how long hand printing has been around, and also how little has changed over this time period.

thumb Sekyra 009 Each piece is truly uniqueThe sheer number of steps involved shows that a product from our workshop has to have its price. Just printing one metre of material takes two to four hours.

Unique items for sale

49,00 €inc. tax: 8,17 €

49,00 €inc. tax: 8,17 €

49,00 €inc. tax: 8,17 €